Saturday, August 29, 2009

If Obama is NOT a Marxist, Why Are so Many of His Associates Marxists?

So, if many of Obama's friends and a significant number of his "advisers" are Marxists, and many have outright admitted they are, then does that not point to Mr. Obama perhaps being influenced by Marxist thought, and that he may indeed be a Marxist himself? Not possible, huh? Au contraire my dear friends. As my overview states, "it's that lying with dogs and getting fleas thingy, right?

Now I will be the first to admit that the "lying with dogs..." thing IS NOT always the case. I have been a Hardcore scooter tramp for 31 years. I have run with some of the scariest criminals that live. I have been in their lairs with them. I know the kinds of things that went on. But I never participated in those activities. So yeah, I ran around with some flea-bitten tramps, but I was not one, so it is possible.

But for it to be true for Barack Obama would be a most fantastic and unlikely set of circumstances.

See, there is a vast difference between hanging with criminals and NOT being one yourself because criminal activity involves ACTIVITY, not just ideology. Do y'all get my meaning? To be criminal one must commit a criminal act. So no matter who I ran with, if I did not participate in the criminality, I am not one.

When it comes to ideology the argument is an entirely different one. Ideology DOES NOT involve any act necessarily. One can be a dedicated Marxist and secretly hold such a belief close to the vest as it were.

Is Obama a Marxist? The evidence is rather clear that IF he is not a dedicated Marxist, he hangs around a damn sure boat load of them. I am not criminal, so I do not hang around criminals. I am not Hispanic so I do not hang around Hispanic folks. I am not gay, so I do not hang around with gay folks.

But Obama IS NOT a Marxist when so many of his admitted philosophical inspirations are or were?

In Obama's own book he talks about "Frank" being a surrogate father to him. And "Frank" is Frank Marshall Davis, an ADMITTED and gloriously self-proclaimed Marxist! Look it up!

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