Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Good Boy Pirate?

One of the Somali pirates is in New York right now facing charges. And I knew it, I just knew it ... it would only be a matter of time before the Pirate Mama would try to convince the world that her little Muslim thug is actually a good boy that just got caught on the in wrong crowd.Pirate Mama wants Obama to pardon her son because he was "misled into joining a sea gang." Are you buying that, folks? Honestly, how misleading could it be? "Hey kid, do you wanna make some money? We are going to hijack some ships off the coast and plan to get some ransom money. You will get X share for helping. Are you in?" Anyway, Pirate Mama says, "My son was influenced by other gangs. He only got into piracy 15 days before he was captured. He is very young and didn't know what he was doing is a crime." So her son is not responsible for the fact that he engaged in piracy. Oh and he didn't know what he was doing was a crime. You take guns, board a ship, hold the crew hostage and you don't know that's wrong? Somalia is beginning to sound like South Central LA. You'll love this. One of the mothers of the Islamic goons who was shot to death by the Navy SEALS ... well .. this particular Pirate Mama wants compensation for her son's death. Yeah. She says, "Killing our sons was not the right decision. The U.S. has to pay the price for what they have done to us. There was another peaceful way of solving the crisis that would save both the captive and our children." Do you hear that, folks? The US has to pay the price for the fact that this woman's son hijacked an US ship and held hostages, demanded ransom, etc. And now THEY are the ones crying out as victims. Unbelievable.

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