Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sotomayor Smackdown

By now most of you have heard that President Dumbo-Ears' nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, had one of her appeals court decisions smacked down by the same high court she hopes to sit on.

At best, this is terribly embarrassing for Teleprompter Jesus, as now his nominee can be subjected to grilling for one of her own decisions which the Supreme Court overturned her. I don't know if such a thing has happened in my life.

What's worse, is that Sotomayor has made more than a few racist statements herself, and her decision on the lower court was just ruled as discrimination against white firefighters. Is she still going to try to justify this decision in hearings? Or is she going to back down and admit she screwed the pooch on this one. Either way, it's not going to give average voters a whole lot of confidence in her jurisprudence. I somehow doubt defending the former is going to play well with blue collar whites who might otherwise be inclined to vote Democrat. If it's the latter, questions of her competence will certainly become an issue.

As for Dumbo Ears, he's now going to have to piss away even more political capital on a nominee who has defended the exact kind of racial discrimination that the high court overturned today. Welcome to Obama's post-racial America ... ooops. And in case he hasn't noticed (and I seriously doubt he has), his supply of political capital is dwindling. With each new umemployment report, with each new bit of bad economic news, each new overplayed hand in the form of Cap-And-Tax, Socialized Medicine, etc., his supply of political capital dwindles.

From my perspective, I just hope the Republicans in the Senate can finally muster up enough testicular fortitude to do what opposition parties are supposed to do: oppose. When the Sotomayor nomination first broke, many Republicans were quietly saying her confirmation was a done deal, largely because they lacked the cajones to oppose her for fear that the New York Times might write that their big meanies or something. Now they've been handed a gift on a silver platter. Will they use it? They better.

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