Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If you like our FB page, check out our website www.stickittolibs.com it has a great blog link to Fox news, and a link to Heritage foundation. Please support us by buying a few stickers or making a small donation. Thanks to all the fans that support us for our time and cost of hosting website. Stickers are $1.00 they can be ordered by clicking on info button on FB or going to website. Show your conservative pride! If you would like to continue to see STICK IT TO LIBERALS Face Book page, could you give us some financial support 1) Buy a few sticker they are $1.00 you can not buy them cheaper anywhere. If you are afraid to put them on your car don’t you can put them anywhere, put them on your liberal neighbor’s car! 2) Go to www.stickittolibs.com and buy something from one of our advertisers. 3)Go to our blog and become a follower most of the stuff we post goes to blog and in a few hours shows on FB and some stuff is just on the blog, while on thier click on one of the advertiser we get paid a little. 4) Go to website and make a small donation .50 or a buck! 5) Tell your friends about us! Thanks!

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