Friday, July 31, 2009

America lets lay this all out!

1. First we have a black professional who blew a top when confronted by a white police officer who was just doing his duty in making sure that a house was not broken into.
In that process the owner/renter became obnoxious yelling out racist remarks at the white police officer.
The white police officer tries to settle him down to no avail and has to take him in for unruly conduct to an officer.=============================
2. Then we have the leader of our nation…who gets before a television camera and while looking at the camera and without knowing any facts in the situation but just knowing that his BFF black friend was involved with a “white” police officer…and he says something completely degrading to the Presidential position he occupies. A position whereby he was elected to represent and protect “all” Americans…not just black ones.
He jumped back into his racist skin and spoke out of turn and lambasted an entire police force that is being paid to “enforce” the laws of our great nation and said that they acted “stupidly”!
So who needs to apologize here?===================================
The two black racists are the ones that jumped to conclusions and went off…way off…and used racist and demeaning remarks about police officers in general.
The white police officer…was only doing his job!
But, again, America the two black racists are above giving an apology for their racism…that is why racism still exists within the black community because of poor examples and enablers like this!==============================
A teaching moment? Hardly…more like a bad example of being egotistical in thinking you are a victim, yet again, and above apologizing for being wrong and being racist!
Just another day in the life of black America…the victims of police brutality!
Not in all cases America…and specifically not in this one!

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