Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barry blames GOP for stalled health bills

Barry blames GOP for stalled health bills

By Stick it to liberals guy
Posted: 07/26/09 09:16 AM [ET]
Barry sharply criticized Republicans on Tuesday for following a “familiar script” to “block healthcare reform.” The president, seeking to prod the Democratic-controlled Congress to show significant progress on healthcare reform before the August recess, directed blame at the GOP for the stalled legislation.
Barry blasted the "familiar script" of Republicans who "have openly declared their intention to block healthcare reform."

My question is how Barry can keep blaming Bush and the Republicans. Bush has been gone for 6 months, Democrats control everything right down to the media, and how can they block anything?Republicans have lambasted Democrats’ efforts to pass healthcare reform, but they have noted that with comfortable majorities in both chambers and control of the White House, Democrats have the ability to pass their legislation.The problem for Democratic leaders is that blue dog Democrats have balked at what has been proposed, threatening to reject the bills if they are brought to the House and Senate floors. They like their insurance plan, and cozy jobs they would hate to lose them 2010.In remarks delivered at the White House Rose Garden before he was scheduled to meet with Democratic members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Barry said, "I look forward to meeting with several members of the Congress who are working to pass health insurance reform that will bring down long-term costs, expand coverage and provide more choice." I say if passed will end up with one choice.Earlier in the day, the Energy and Commerce Committee postponed a scheduled markup until Wednesday. That move, coupled with comments from Majority Leader Stupid Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday, has triggered widespread speculation on Capitol Hill that the House may not vote on healthcare reform before the August recess.Hoyer told reporters, "If we get consensus, we'll move on it. If we don't get consensus, I don't think staying in session is necessarily necessary. We'll see. I'll make that decision next week."Meanwhile, the Senate Finance Committee still hasn’t released its healthcare reform bill, making passage unlikely in the upper chamber anytime soon. I am betting never!Yet the Barry said again Tuesday that he is confident he will be able to sign a bill this year. But he did not mention his initial goal of having both the House and Senate pass their respective measures before the recess."I can guarantee that when we do pass this bill, history won't record the demands for endless delay or endless debate in the news cycle," Barry said. "They will record the hard work done by members of Congress to pass this bill and the fact that people who sent us here to Washington insisted on change." I can say if Barry doesn’t get this crap pushed through he is done.

I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president ever, well Barry takes the prize. He wants sign a bill that he does not even know what’s in it. Well I have not read all of it, but what I have read it is crazy, to say least.
I will not let my tax money go to kill babies and old people. The government can barely deliver a letter, and it’s all junk. I sure don’t want them messing with the best healthcare system in the world. It has its problems but what doesn’t, as far as the 50 million without health insurance, I say bull. I am a land lord and have to beat on doors from time to time to collect rent. They probably don’t have insurance like they don’t have their rent. While standing and talking to the tenant I notice that they have a Blackberry, high dollar sneakers, computer, flat screen tv, several gaming consoles, lots of bling, nails done. Somehow no money for rent and I bet my bottom dollar no insurance. I have what I call a hospitalization plan with a fairly high deductible, and a health savings account. It is not cheap but within most people’s budget. Most people that don’t have insurance is because they don’t want to pay for it. It’s not about healthcare anyway it’s all about Democrat control. I don’t want it and will fight against tooth and nail against it.

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