Friday, July 3, 2009

Democrats against Barack Obama.

Democrats against Barack Obama.
If you believe Obama was unfit for Senate why would you be surprised he is not a good president..

-Michelle Obama,proud to be an American only after her husband is president.

-Rev.Wright's strong relationship to Obama and their ideological ties.

-In 2003 Obama donate $22,000USD to Rev.Wright's Trinity Church.

-Obama supports Black separatist views.

-In the begining of his campaign claims he did not vote for the Iraq war yet Obama was not able to vote either way as he had not yet assumed that privilege in the senate.

-Obama made excuses for Rev.Wright and racism against White people. Yet, Obama demanded the resignation of Don Imus.

-Obama claimed he will bring "hope" to America yet has no changes of any kind.

-Obama employs Nation of Islam, in the past and present.Lets them go untouched, which Raises concerns about Obama’s own stance on the Nation of Islam.

-Obama dissimulates about his former take on Israel, and the Palestinians, putting in question his present stance.

-Obama misrepresents his background, and the context from which he hails, for political purposes.

-Obama’s handlers deliberately exploits his racial identity, to shield their candidate from regular media grilling.

-Obama has chosen a deliberate strategy of evasion and vagueness in tackling tough issues. He does not take a stand, and he wont.

-Obama’s rise to prominence, in Chicago, is fraught with faulty voting machine events, and strange circumstances.

-Why Obama’s record in Chicago, has not received a proper vetting or review by the national media, is puzzling.

-Obama entered Havard because his father was an Alumnus.

-It is not clear when changed his name from Barry Soetoro, and why.

-The Media refuse to ask him questions about all of the above. Why?

-Obama’s opposition to the Iraq war, while laudable in hindsight made little sense in 2002, except when his family, ethnic, and religious identity enter the equation.

By voter that wants a redo!

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