Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There seems to be a general feeling that there are too many different groups within the Republican Party that can’t seem to compromise — or agree to disagree. (This goes back to the idea that unity isn’t the same as unanimity.) You think that all the bickering further divides the party, which would be stronger if it could focus on the things that do unite Republicans. As a party (and country) that is growing more demographically complex, it needs to change, and yet there’s a fear that adapting will take it away from its conservative tradition. But some of you think that’s an old-fashioned sentiment.
Republicans stand for less-government involvement and more personal freedom. If the party could unite over that, it would at least be a good starting point. “If you believe in freedom, life, liberty, self-determination, free enterprise, I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Agnostic, Christian, Latino, black, white, Irish, whatever. Join us.”

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