Saturday, July 4, 2009

GE, NBC & Obama Ties

GE, NBC & Obama Ties
There seems to be unsavory links between General Electric and its media entities NBC and MSNBC and the Obama administration. Their needs to be more discussion by noting the blatant left leaning political bias at MSNBC that actively advocated President Obama's White House candidacy - which also now involves possible favoritism on cap and trade stimulus monies for GE. This came to a head at a GE Florida shareholders meeting in which Jesse Waters of Fox News confronted GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt about the bias at MSNBC. Fox called out Immelt, NBC exec Jeff Zucker and a hateful rant by Janeane Garafolo. It should also noted that GE is getting bailout money and has lobbied for this money - saying this makes Watergate look small.
Ingraham noted that the left wing has howled forever about Haliburton and the funding it received getting no bid contracts during the Iraq war - and now the Obama administration - that has claimed to be transparently doing business another way - seems to be in bed with GE, NBC and MSNBC with in kind treatment.
Ingraham said that all the high minded journalism professionals should call for disclaimers on NBC and MSNBC's broadcasts. Ingraham said conservatives have been warning about this collision and collusion of government and private enterprise as well as a corrupt media. She said that when she worked at MSNBC it wasn't as biased or have a political agenda. GE has plans of playing a large part in the socialized medicine, by running the data base. That will decide who, when, and where you will receive medical care.

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