Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Palin Food Fight

The blogosphere is buzzing today over the intra-GOP food fight regarding Sarah Palin. Politico gleefully chimes in here. The Other McCain takes on one aspect of the fight in this post, with a few other assorted posts on this topic as well. HotAir has this among their posts on the subject. And I have some of my own thoughts here.

1) The liberals and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) are scared sh*tless of Palin. Oh, they'll tell you they're not and say they hope we nominate her in 2012 (assuming she runs), but that's nothing more than reverse psychology. Otherwise, why the obsession with a VP candidate of a losing ticket? For those of you old enough to remember, ask yourself this: How obsessed were conservatives with Geraldine Ferraro at this point in 1985? If your answer is any more than zero, you've overestimated.

2) In their desperate attempts to destroy her, the liberals and the mainstream media (dammit, repeated myself again) are emptying all of their ammo at once hoping that something, anything, will stick. This "strategy" (if it can be called such a thing) is a classic sign of fear. They've tried and tried, failed and failed again, and now they're ratcheting things up with attacks more desperate (the Vanity Fair piece) and more ugly (the photoshops and other ugly smears of Palin's infant son, Trig) than anything we've seen yet. It seems like a lot of work for a VP candidate of a losing ticket whose candidacy is allegedly DOA.

3) Some bedwetters on the right are worried that all of these attacks on Sarah will make her candidacy dead letter, that she doesn't have a chance, and that she will be Quayle-ized.

Puh. Freakin'. Leeze.

First of all, Palin has more charisma than an arena full of rock stars, the game changing kind of charisma. How else did she attract 20,000 to watch her deliver a speech June 7 in Auburn, NY in order to raise money for a museum dedicated to William Seward? Could Quayle have ever drawn that many to any event? And in the current roster of politicians, who besides President Urkel could draw a crowd like that to an event that's not even associated with a political campaign?

Quayle was also the VP of a failed presidency, one where the lead guy broke his "no new taxes" pledge and thus tanked the economy for a while. It's easy for the unpopularity of the top of the ticket to rub off on the bottom ... unless your name is Sarah Palin (as an aside, does anyone want to bet that a future question in trivial pursuit will center around who Palin's running mate was when she ran for VP in '08?). Oh, and by any objective measure, Palin is both a popular and successful governor.

Throw in the difference of executive experience (Palin - successful governor, Quayle - unsuccessful vice president).

And while I think Quayle was unfairly criticized a lot of the time, he did occasionally gaffe up enough to make his defenders cringe. The "tomatoe" incident really made one wonder if he didn't put the "e" in "ignorant."

So sack up, bedwetters of the right.

4) By 2012, the mainstream media's take on both Obama and Palin will be shot all to hell. In the case of the former, they have built up expectations to a such an extreme level that there is no way he can meet them, which is bound to lead to disappointment. When anyone who's not a flaming liberal evaluates the MSM treatment of Obama come 2012, they will realize that they have no credibility and are ridiculously partisan in his favor. Any semi-objective observer will then wonder why they should believe anything the MSM writes about Palin, especially after all their previous attempts to destroy her have been miserable failures.

5) Finally, a word or two for certain members of McCain's campaign staff, including Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace: F*ck you, you f*cking cowardly, backstabbing, ass-covering worthless sacks of pig excrement. Had you been able to keep your knives sheathed and your mouths shut, I might have had some sympathy for what happened in November '08, given that you had a lousy, uninspiring, crotchety old candidate in McCain. But no, you guys had to go and f*ck up the one really good decision he made during the campaign, the one thing that got him back in the race and gave him at least a fighting chance - nominating Palin. Yet instead of sucking it up and taking responsibility for your own screw-ups (e.g., the disastrous rollout, not letting her go on talk radio, etc.), you start all kinds of vicious rumors against Palin, knowing that the MSM will gleefully run with every one of them. Worse, you run to the MSM as "anonymous sources" like the pathetic cowards you are.

Sometimes there's no justice in this world, but if there was, your next job would be fellating homeless winos on the street corner so you could get money to buy crack. That's about all you're worth to the conservative cause.

Oh, and in case I didn't make myself clear, "anonymous" McCain campaign staffers: F*ck you.

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