Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Resigning as AK Gov.

In just a short while ago.

As for what it all means? I have no idea. She might have decided she wanted no part of national politics, especially with all of the backstabbers, squishes, and cowards over even on the GOP side, as evidenced in recent days by the additional sniping from McCain campaign operatives, as well as the unsolicited 'advice' (mostly useless) from ostensibly conservative pundits.

If she's gone from politics for good, our hopes in 2012 just took a big hit. She could have been either a great nominee herself, or would have provided enough competition to make sure the eventual nominee is a good one. With Sanford's meltdown and now this, I'm not feeling so good about our chances in '12, although admittedly, it is a long way off.

Let's hope the best for her. She's a rare breed - a real conservative politician who does more than just talk the talk. She walked it too.

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