Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Response to A Response to” WE LOVE SARAH PALIN”

A Response to A Response to” WE LOVE SARAH PALIN”
I started STICK IT TO LIBERALS and ask my long time friend, which lives in another part of the country to help me, and though I know he is a conservative, but he has own opinion that I might not always agree with but respect. To quote my friend and fellow blogger, “We do not live in a world of chocolate syrup rivers, cotton candy rainbows, and skittle shitting unicorns” this real world of down and dirty politics. Where the liberals can do and say anything they want about conservative politicians and their families, they all went to colleges that are full liberal professors cramming the liberal agenda down their throat. They talked about Reagan’s kids, Bush’s girls, but they were not going mention Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, and you better not say a peep about Obama’s girls or you might be visited by the secret service. I loved Sarah I feel like she did a great job, except when it came to off the cuff interviews, it was bad. I know they were liberal interviewers, but we can not change that. You have the executive branch, the house, the senate, judicial, and the media. We can not vote out the media, we can watch Fox news.
To end this matter if you are going into politics as a conservative you had check your closet and be ready for you, your family, friends, hobbies, what you wear, how you look, what you drive to be attacked. So I stand firmly to my first post, I dislike the way conservatives are treated and I despise David Letterman. To be a conservative president you have to tough and take what liberals throw at you and fight the bastards, no matter how mean and nasty they are. Reagan gave them hell!

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